Dan Winters once wrote, "Evidence of a life replete with love is, in my mind, the greatest gift a photographer can give to the world." I couldn’t agree more, and I've sought to do just that in documenting and sharing our family’s life with my youngest daughter, Pearl Joy Brown.

Pearl was born July 27, 2012, and I started to realize several months after her birth, that even those closest to our family were unable to grasp what life was truly like in our home, and it seemed necessary for them to understand that in order to know how to engage and relate to us. The typical assumption I found over and over was that perhaps our life was a 24/7 festival of thanksgiving, complete with unicorns and cupcakes. Or, considering the gravity of everything, that we just sat around tired and frightened all the time, battling heavy hearts and watery eyes.

It’s neither of those things all the time, though it’s both of those extremes at different times. And sometimes it’s just really boring and ostracizing. My hope is to do my best in helping others understand… to take them by the hand and walk them through the ins and outs, that they may gain a better perspective on the disproportionate amount of joy that Pearl has brought into our lives. I want to share those gifts while making engagement with her, or other kids like her, less intimidating. It’s a life filled with moments of celebration over the smallest and most mundane gifts, and those gifts are less than obvious if you’re not privy to the intricacies of her life.

As a photographer, I have opted to use my camera along side of my words to portray the clearest, most honest telling I can.

-Eric Brown