July 19, 2012

JULY 19, 2012

This morning, Ruth and Eric headed in for an ultrasound and midwife appointment as a follow up to the drop in Ruth’s amniotic fluid over the last couple of weeks. It’s my pleasure to report that the visit went well: Ruth’s fluid levels are holding and Pearl is stable. No need for an induction on this day–Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray that Pearl can remain en utero for as long as possible. She’s 37 weeks now, and every additional week from here will foster her physical and neurological growth and strengthen her for delivery. Pray that she will come out fighting. Pray that Ruth and Eric will experience supernatural peace as they await her birth and in all of their decision making. Pray that the Lord will prepare Brennan and Abbey’s hearts, making love and compassion the foremost emotions they’ll experience when they meet their baby sister.


Suzanne (friend of the Browns)