We have an extremely low cost of living in our home, and have opted for simplicity over extravagance in order to maintain a low overhead, and to prevent finances from further complicating an already complex scenario. The majority of what is required for Pearl's care is currently covered by her insurance, and there have been numerous and cyclical seasons over these last 3 years where different friends in our community have come along side our family to help shoulder a bit of the logistical weight. Sometimes its meals. Sometimes its vehicle repairs or excursions with the older kids. Sometimes it's just a listening ear in the midst of a storm, or a coffee delivery to the ICU. We have been provided for in every way imaginable and have never lacked for anything that we needed. I am frequently left in awe of how God has always provided, and have learned that it's okay to exist on both sides of the burden-shouldering equation. That being said, I'm also often asked about ways that others can participate or help from afar, so I am providing information here if you'd like to participate in that way.

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